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Upham Inc

Upham Inc. has a philosophy to concentrate on providing the best possible service to its clients. Because of this, the firm specializes in specific civil and survey disciplines thus giving individual attention to each project. The principals of the firm participate directly on each project and are responsible for the work performed. Upham Inc. is selective in its clientele. Primarily, clients consist of governmental agencies, municipalities and private corporations. The firm has a reputation in the community of providing complete and detailed engineering plans and accurate surveys. This is due to the firm obtaining a workload which allows it to provide the attention needed to produce quality work.

The approach that Upham Inc. takes on each project is one of individual attention from surveying to construction inspection. All work is logged into the cycle of development toward the goal of project completion. Dates are scheduled for client’s deadlines to allow staff sufficient time to complete the work. Throughout the design and construction process the Project Manager tracks each project.

Upham Inc. prides itself on its reputation for accurate surveys and strive to meet acceptable turnaround. Upham Inc. ensures that the client receives a satisfactory product the first time in obtaining survey information.

It is the commitment of Upham Inc. to always be accessible to the client and to realize the importance of the client’s project.

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